Repeaters used by amateur radio operators to enable two-way communication across an area which would otherwise be difficult by point-to-point (simplex) on VHF and UHF. These repeaters are set up and maintained by individual operators or clubs, and are generally available for any licensed amateur to use. A hill or mountaintop location is a preferable location to construct a repeater, as it will maximize the usability across a large area.

ANARC has 4 Local Repeaters these are:

  • GB3TW - 2m VHF Band - Sunniside
  • GB3NT - 70cm UHF Band - Gateshead
  • GB3HA - 2m VHF Band - Corbridge
  • GB3TJ - 70cm UHF Band - Corbridge

The location of these repeaters give excellent access from 99% of the North East

GB3TW has recently been moved to a new higher location giving us a better coverage on 2m
GB3TJ has been turned off due to relocation for GB3TW

Local Repeaters

There are several other repeaters in the North East, each with their unique callsign and frequencies that need to be programmed for access.
each repeater has an Input (RX) and Output(TX) frequency as well as a Tone code which only allows signals for that repeater to transmit

Below are some local frequences

ANARC Repeaters

Call Sign Location & Band TX Frequency RX Frequency Offset Tone Active
GB3TW Sunniside - 2m 145.72500 145.12500 -0.600Mhz 118.8Hz Active
GB3NT Gateshead - 70cm 433.00000 434.60000 +1.600Mhz 118.8Hz Active
GB3HA Corbridge - 2m 145.75000 145.15000 -0.600Mhz 118.8Hz Active
GB3TJ Corbridge - 70cm 433.30000 434.90000 +1.600Mhz 118.8Hz Offline

Other Repeaters

Call Sign Location & Band TX Frequency RX Frequency Offset Tone Active
GB3TS Sunderland - 70cm 433.17500 434.77500 +1.600Mhz 118.8Hz Active
GB3CD Crook - 2m 145.08750 145.68750 -0.600Mhz 118.8Hz Active
GB7GW Washington - 70cm 438.41250 430.81250 +7.600Mhz 118.8Hz Active
GB3UK Washington - 2m 145.61250 145.01250 -0.600Mhz 118.8Hz Active
GB3ZN South Shields - 70cm 430.887500 438.487500 +7.600Mhz 118.8Hz Online

For more information on all UK repeaters please see The UK Repeaters Website
GB3NT has been generously donated by the late Chris Herring G7AQY