Angel of the North Amateur Radio Club

RSGB Elections

The Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) is the society that represents all radio amateurs to Government and the regulatory authority (OFCOM). This is regardless of whether you are a member or not.

Members of the RSGB get the chance to elect its officers. If you are a member, make sure you participate in the upcoming elections.

There is still time to be nominated for eight elected roles. Would one of these roles suit your skills, experience and enthusiasm?

  • RSGB President
  • Board Director (two elected roles)
  • Regional Representative (five elected roles)

Nominations close on 31st January 2023.

Club Newsletter (December 2022)

Members will have received their December 2022 newsletter now by email. The PDF copy should be in your mailbox.

The final meeting of the year will be 5th December 2022. The diary on the website has been updated.

Enrolments through RSGB for the new

Direct to Full exam will be open from January 2023. For more info: committee/direct-entry-to-full-licence-rsgb-consultation/

Advance notice. ANARC will be holding our own Rally next September, in conjunction with Canny Components, watch this space for more info!

New Committee

The AGM is over. We have a new committee to take the club forward.

The committee is.

Chair – John Malley

Secretary – Lisa Johnson

Assistant Secretary – Jane Northmore

Treasurer  – Graeme Davies

Member – Keith Lynch

Member  – Daniel Harrop

The email contact address is: Angel of the North ARC

Rally Cancelled but a lot is coming up!

Just a reminder that the Club rally has been cancelled for this year. We have spoken to Amanda at Canny Components requesting her to express our apology to the traders. However, this year we again plan to run “Jamboree on the Air” (JOTA) from the House on the Hill for Tyneside Scouts with special call GB3TS on the 15th October 2022. Please drop David Stansfield (G0EVV) an E mail if you would like to be a part of the action. I need to make a commitment very soon so that the Scouts can get organised.


Continuing the Special Event theme, our repeater keepers are also running what are called “Special Special Events” (SSE) on parts of the Roman Wall. If you are interested in operating a special station please drop me an E Mail and I will forward it on the Austin M0MNE and Roy M0TKF. Better still, they can be contacted directly via their e mail addresses on QRZ.

QRZ.COM is a public database of amateur radio contacts.

Subs and AGM

We now have Internet banking on the club account. We have gone cashless. You can pay your subs electronically.

Previously we have had a small weekly fee plus an annual fee. A cash intensive process. Instead, we are moving to a single annual payment of £20.00. We can then get back to running in-person meetings.

You will be pleased to hear we are starting with a clean slate. Subs will start in March 2022.

We shall start face to face meetings at the shack at Whitehall Methodist Church Hall on TUESDAY nights at 7-00 pm, starting on Tuesday 5 April 2022, when everywhere will be warmer.

I will start to update the website in accordance with the new schedule.

We need to have AGM for election of Club Committee, approval of subs etc. and have to give 14 days’ notice and hold it on Zoom at 7-00 pm on Monday 11 April 2022. The secretary will send out Notice of AGM with Club Constitution with invitation to volunteers to become Committee member soon.

Getting Back to in-Person Meetings

The pandemic isn’t over yet and the club is continuing to monitor the public health advice from the Director of Public Health in Gateshead.

In the meantime work has gone ahead to re-decorate the club room and here are some of the results.

Club Room Photo 1
Club Room 1
Club Room 2
Club Room 2
Club Room 3
Club Room 3

Course and Exam Updates

The RSGB’s Examinations Standards Committee and Exam Syllabus Review Group have just released the latest version of the Syllabus: Syllabus 2019 version 1.5

New regulations from Ofcom require all UK radio amateurs to comply with the international guidelines for limiting exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF). The updated syllabus includes learning points relating to these new licence conditions. 

The adoption date for this version is 1 September 2022, meaning that after that date the examinations will include questions on the new EMF-related material at all levels.

Comments from the Secretary (Nancy Bone, G7UUR)

Firstly, the present 3 tier system has been agreed between Ofcom and the RSGB and will not change. It was introduced to attract more people especially children over 8 and young people into the hobby. Some people stay at Foundation level, but they must be literate and numerate and have a degree of understanding especially since they must go online to register for an exam and take it. A reader can be vetted and accepted to help blind people and dyslexics etc.  Ofcom wants amateurs to abide by licensing conditions; apply health and safety rules to keep themselves and others safe; and avoid interference.

Student Information (RSGB)