Museums Day at Bowes Railway – Saturday 16th June 2018

We will be at Bowes Railway Museum on Saturday 16th June 2018 to participate in the Museums on the Air.

You can find out more  by following this link;

The Bowes Railway, built by George Stephenson in 1826, is the world’s only operational preserved standard gauge cable railway system, built to transport coal from pits in Durham to boats on the River Tyne.

Address: Springwell Rd, Gateshead NE9 7QJ
Phone: 07733330722
Free entrance.

You can learn more about the railway here;



International Marconi Day 2017

Last year we did International Marconi Day from Blyth Battery.

The World War II bunker allowed the club to transmit most of the day from the Northumberland Coastline.

After we found the remote location at the end of a car park we set up an aerial.

Inside some construction was in order.

Working with members of the Tyneside Amateur Radio Club we ran a small station for most of the day on VHF and HF frequencies.