Museums on the Air 2019

Anarc are participating in the Museums on the Air day. We will be at the Bowes Railway Museum on Saturday 15th June 2019.

We will be there from 9am to 3pm on the day.

An Amateur Radio Special Event. The Bowes Railway, built by George Stephenson in 1826, is the world’s only operational preserved standard gauge cable railway system. It was built to transport coal from pits in Durham to boats on the River Tyne.

Address: Springwell Rd, Gateshead NE9 7QJ

Find out more at:

All new banner

It’s nice to promote the club at outside events and have a recognisable logo. The club now has had a new banner made. The logo has been added to our twitter feed too.

The new banner – designed and made in Gateshead

Christmas Social

Christmas Social 2018

To end 2018 we had our Christmas Social on the 14th December. Our resident photographer Warren Bone (G7WMB) managed to catch most of the people avoiding being photographed.

Rally Photos II

Last month I popped a few live photos straight onto the site from the 2018 Rally. However, there were more. So here are some of the additional pictures I took. 

Aerial Photo…
The Doormen Await
Trader and Secretary in deep negotiation

More Foundation Licence Passes

Warren Bone (G7MWB) photographed last weeks’ latest new Foundation Licence candidates who passed on 24th September 2018.

Our new Radio Amateurs

The club has always focused on teaching and bringing new people into amateur radio.  Congratulations to all of you!

.. and the winner is!

All entrants to the ANARC “Fog on the Tyne” Radio Rally pick up a raffle ticket to win a call book. Our secretary, Nancy Bone (G7UUR), gets to present the raffle prize during the rally.

Our 2018 Raffle Prize. The RSGB Yearbook. 

Fog on the Tyne 2018 Rally

It’s coming. This Saturday 15th September is Rally Day! Full details are always on this site’s rally page

The rally takes over the church hall for a few hours. Usual stuff for the radio amateur and electronics enthusiast including the “junk sale” where we recycle amateur radio gear at bargain basement prices.

The map should help you get to the Whitehall Road Methodist Church Hall. Entrance via the doors on Coatsworth Road. We are just a few metres from the 53/54 bus stops from Gateshead. 

See you Saturday!

Anarc goes secure

The ANARC website has been available using the http protocol for most of it’s life. However, this means that all the text and content is transmitted over the internet as plain text. From it’s location on a webserver all the way to your browser on your device all the text can be read by anyone.

In one sense this doesn’t really matter very much. We are just a radio club website. Nothing is really secret here!

Most larger websites use the https protocol. This is the secure version of http. When a connection is made the contents are encrypted during the journey from the website to your browser. Https is used by shopping sites and banks to secure the connection. It’s so important that search engines like Google are prioritising sites that are protected by https. Effectively your site moves down the the search engine ranks if you don’t use https.

To implement the https protocol on this website I use a certificate from SSL For Free. This is a project that allows all websites to get a security certificate at very low cost. In this case free. 

So as of today you can access as securely. (It’s not quite totally secure because some of the images get sent unecrypted). 

The certificate lasts for 90 days and I renew it to keep it going.