The Angel of the North Amateur Radio Club

Club Callsign: MX0GGP

Amateur radio is a global hobby which is regulated internationally by the International Amateur Radio Union. Closer to home the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) regulates amateur radio in the UK on behalf of Ofcom (The Office of Communications). Ofcom is the UK Government regulator that grants radio amateurs transmitting licenses.

Anyone can listen to radio amateurs. There is no license required for this. Amateur Radio is a hobby enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. It allows anyone to learn about radio, wireless technology and electronics. A Radio Amateur is interested in the science of radio communication.

The name Angel of the North for the radio club was decided during one of our first meetings in 2008. It was suggested by our first Chairman Tom Watson. ANARC has been working in conjunction with members of the Tyneside Radio Club since 2016.

Radio Clubs do a number of things. They provide a forum where radio amateurs can get together and exchange information about the hobby. Our club also runs courses designed to help people pass the amateur radio exams. We have talks from amateurs about subjects that improve understanding about the hobby and technology. We run events and we also try to provide the equipment you can use on club nights.

We charge a small annual fee of £12.00 per year for membership. Each week we ask for a £1.00 contribution towards room hire. Some courses may require an extra room and we ask for contributions as required. An extra 50p on club night gets you a cup of tea or coffee. All the money is spent on the club. Members decide how money is spent. New members can come along for the first 3 weeks without payment. Anyone taking a course is expected to join as a full member.

Amateur Radio doesn’t make general broadcasts. It is for amateurs to talk to other amateurs. Anyone can listen in but the intention is to work like a phone call rather than to create radio programmes. Amateur radio is not like “CB” (Citizens Band) radio because of its attention to using many modes of communication, many frequencies and use of international standards.

You need to pass an examination to become a radio amateur. Please see our learning pages for details.

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